Could somebody please make all the reality programme go away? I have enough reality in my life already. I don't need to see any more of it when I turn on my television..especially Akademi Fantasia ( freaking hate this so called reality show"!)

I'm not even sure why shows like this are called "reality." Alas, my reality does not usually include singing . My reality is far, far more exiting. If Astro really wanted to have a show that seemed realistic to me, it wouldn't be Akademi Fantasia, it would be Man Vs Wild. That is the reality out there..hey..c'mon lah..what is the point? do we need more singers?


♥queen♥ said...

hehheheh...ko g la wat proposal suh astro,8tv,tv3 stop all diz silly thingy..actually,ak support jgk all diz reality shows di banned.but,we have no choice bro..tgk la in dfuture...malaysia lg bangga produce artis dr produce golongan professional macam kita in d future...hooohohoh

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