ala...exam lagi..aiyaaa....

stress? dont worry mate..but how? =D

1. Avoid stressful people.
Stress actually is contagious. During exam week, resist the urge to have a study session with your super-tense friend, especially if she/he is complaining about all the work she/he has to do. His/Her stress will only add to your stress.

2. Eat healthy and exercise.
Ha..It’s a wonder how many people forget this. Skip the sugar, which will make you crash, and go for snacks like healthy cereal or fruits to keep your blood sugar stable. If you’re studying for a long period of time, eat some protein too. Also, try to get some form of exercise. Even a 10 minute walk will leave you calmer and more focused.

3. Force yourself to take breaks.
For every hour or so that you work, take a 10 or 15 minute break. Let yourself do whatever you want (check Facebook, check your blog (tngh buat sekarang..hehe), stare off into..whatever you want, call a friend, and etc. for those 10-15 mins, then start working again. Don't malas-malas okay?

4. If you’ve studied all you can, get up your confidence!
When test-time rolls around, it’s time to get yourself into confidence mode. You’ve prepared as much as you could, and now it’s time to ace the test. The tip here is to do whatever works to convince yourself you are going to do really well. If you think you don't study that hard..then do what Hariz always do..which know kan?haha


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