Why do we live?

Perhaps it is the most difficult question to answer..but think wisely and you will find the answer..look around you..the world is just awesome..and the way i see it, we definitely have at least one reason to live..and some people have countless reason to live..we are here because we are the messenger of god..we are here because we need to protect the earth..we are here because we have what animals don't have..not the brain, but "akal"..and therefore we must think and act the way a human should behave, because if we behave like animals..than we've lost our dignity, lost our soul..lost our pride as a human..what I'm trying to say here...for whatever reason we live today..we must take that reason and continue to do what we must do..and do it wisely..and one more thing, give a wise man instruction, then he would be yet wiser...


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