Funny how in real life, we don’t talk to family and friends about the Top Ten Reasons for Living or for Writing a Blog.

Funny how we don’t speak so scholarly or perfectly or as much filled with wisdom and insight like when we used to when posting our best articles on the web.

Funnier still how they always seem interested in what we’re going to say, even if it just be our perennial whines about the college or about a movie we have watched the night before.

Why do they yearn to hear us even though they’ve already heart about most of what we’re going to say?

Why do they continue to await our company?

Why do they keep on tuning in to our hearts?

Maybe the answer lies in that last part. We wanted to keep in touch not with the external things, but with the person deep inside. You see, that’s how love works, and when love works, you never get tired of it.


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