I...cannot count the times people I hardly know have referred to me as a "friend," or have written to me and signed their email "your friend," or done some such thing... I have come to believe that, second only to "love," friend is the most misused word in the world...

It is not my wish to offend or to hurt anyone who has, in the past, called himself my "friend," but merely to set them straight. There are a good many upstanding people...people whom I admire...who have called themselves "friends." Most of these are people who I enjoy spending time with and conversing with, but they are not friends. These people must learn to distinguish between "friendliness" and "friendship."

Haha..anyway I am not the type of person who has just one best friend...I would like to think that I have many best friends. There are a few people that I would spend time with after class and would go to the mall or the movies, and such. But on the other hand I have friends I would never spend time with after class, they are fine has school acquaintances, but nothing much more. Well, for those who don't know me..actually I am very shy at first, once I get to know the person...I am not shy at all. Now I do not think I am a hard person to get along with either. Sure I have my ups and downs, but everyone is not perfect.

I still think that I suffer from split personality in the most mild sense of it. There are times when I am extremely hyper that I irritate everyone including myself but there are also times when I just shut myself up...that people don't know what's going on in my head. I can be loud, sarcastic (many can testify to that..haha), moody,but above all, here is the cheesy part...I do actually love my life...my family and my friends... they make me happy :)


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