Foundation Night 28-3-2009

Erm...well..what a was wonderful as everyone was happy..went there with Aiman, Aiiman, Phang and was very tiring actually because the week before foundation night, I was busy preparing the slide show presentation for that night..produce a few video, rejected by Alina, and on and on..until the final product..thank god she love it..anyway, its obvious may intake and july intake ade conflict masa last minute preparation utk foundi night ni..tak tahu la..tapi macam july intake lagi banyak buat kerja..tak nampak apa yang budak may buat..yang banyak nampak..mereka dalam board foundi night jer..which I consider not fair because the ratio between may intake and july intake was was not distributed evenly..but that's life..nobody is perfect..and we cannot continue blaming each other..whatever it is..thanks to everybody yang dah bersusah payah menjayakan event ni..and for my team, especially alina, azra and kimi, thanks a guys tlng I banyak gila..appreciate..Tan Sri like our video..=)


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