Think about this..would you..

That day, I was reading the Internet forum I and saw an article posted by a member..the title - "would you marry you?" oh my..isn't that an interesting question? The title was interesting enough to make me sit up immediately! honestly, I was curious to see how people respond..

The article had asked me to think of all my own behavior and habits and ask me this one vital question..If I am not myself (pretending that you are another person), and I met a person (which is me,myself) who had this list of characteristics, behaviors and attitudes, would I marry him?..haha..funny isn't it?I was supposed to reflect on my current behavior, and this is the key, not the behavior I wish to possesses in the future!

I began I marry me? surprisingly, I found myself saying "maybe" instead of "definitely" or "of course" again..I then asked myself what things I should do to help me to change the answer from a "maybe" to a definite yes?..

haha..I have no idea yet..can someone help me please!!!


A. Raulin said...
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A. Raulin said...

This is an example where people nowadays do not understand what marriage is about. Why would you marry a person just because of their personality. What, do you mean wana have a baby with yourself??

Kamarul said...

"have a baby with yourself"?what the..?..azra..yang ku cuba sampaikan, adakah kau akan terima seseorang itu andainya orang itu berkelakuan seperti engkau..tapi dalam hal ni..kau tak boleh menjadi kau..sebaliknya menjadi orang lain..senang cerita, ini hanya untuk menilai diri kau..itu sahaja..apakah orang lain akan menerima untuk memahami perasaan orang lain, kau kena jadi "orang lain" untuk memahami diri engkau..itu aje.. :)

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