oh god..what a car

Well..this is not something new..our police has bought this high-powered Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution since last year i guess..around December..and as a petrol-head..I know this car worth around RM300k..priced at RM 315,436.10 on the road to be exact..can someone buy this car for me as my birthday present? Anyway, memang dah lama tunggu nak tengok kereta ni dari dekat.. haha..and guess what? today..I got the chance to drive this beautiful car=)..it was amazing..bucket seat..5 point seat belt point..manual transmission..turbo engine..speedometer top speed..3ookm/hour...waa..how lucky I am..

anyway..lupa nak bagitau..dapat drive ni since ada carnival with the police near my housing area..


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