Just so you know now...

Boys can't stand makeup..oh yes! In fact, it seems they can't complain about it enough. Sure, we all like pretty girls, but we boys also have a problem with a face that looks full-on painted..and what looks painted to a guy is far less than what you might think..

Why do girls think they need to have so much crap on their faces?...Girls at my university wear all this black crap on their eyes, and their lips are, like, thick with red and brown lipstick. It's ugly! Do they really think that will get them a guy??

Okay..have to admit it..not all girls apply makeup to get them a guy,but..still, it's true that lots of girls get all dolled up so they'll be attractive to the opposite sex.

p/s anyway girls..the makeup thing,it's more fun than anything..right girls? :)


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